School, a place to learn things.

Not long ago, I read an article about school. The title was “Why school sucks?”, well, the title already giving me a lot of interest. So then I read it with my friends, and the result was good. I loved how she expresses her feelings and her thoughts about school through an article. She really put almost (I think) all of her thoughts and all of her feelings about how a school is not a place where we can learn a lot of things. Instead, she feels that school is now only a place where we learn about math, science, history, etc, After learning it, we have to do exams, then we have to pass the exams, and then? Then we forget about what did we just learn.

Surprisingly, I sometimes think about the same thing. But, since my school has a different way to learn about things, I often remember the things that we learn. Even though I already pass the exam, but I still remember it. Because I don’t memorize the things, but I understand the things. Yes, it is hard to try to understand every single thing, but it’s possible for us to understand, not to memorize. Honestly, I don’t like how the government ‘force’ us, students, to join the final national exam. it somehow doesn’t look fair to me. And why does the result of the national exam could determine our next school? What if we get sick when we were doing out exam? The result will not be the same with the result that we got if we were fine and healthy when we do the exam. In Indonesia, I see that the final result from the national exam is the only thing that decides our next step.

Okay, here’s an example. What if there is a student who is really good at dancing, but she/he don’t have an interest in math and the others? Will it be fair for them that we still force them to do the national exam? It means that she has to somehow focus on math, science and the others right? Will that affect her dancing? Or, can’t her exam be a dancing exam? Yes, I do realize that this will be a hard way. But this looks fairer to me.

Well, I wouldn’t be able to write this if I didn’t read her article. I love the personality of the author. She somehow has this ability to opens other people’s mind with her thoughts. And also, she is a person that sticks with their thoughts, and she chooses to tell the world and do something about her thoughts. Love it! I’m pretty sure that she has an interest in writings, cause her article is good and easy to read!

But, talking about interest, what is my interest at this moment? I have a lot of interest, but I always love cooking and writing or even reading. It’s fun! Well, what is your interest?

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