Indonesia is one.

From a few months ago, all of us knew that there are more politics issues in Indonesia. Especially in Jakarta. Lots and lots of love, hate and anger are shared in our capital city, Jakarta. I, live in Bandung but I also know some of the news about Indonesia. Honestly, I don’t really like to read news about politics. I love reading fiction book more than I love reading new. But in the end, I have to know about the news and what is happening in my own country. So then I started to read an article about the most famous ‘thing’ in Jakarta recently.

Again, the news was about Ahok. Jakarta’s last governor. The article says about Ahok’s court that has been refused. Obviously, the main ideas of this article is about how Ahok has been accused. And he has to be in a few court. This court is talking about is he going be in jail or actually it’s only a sensation from some people.

I choose this article because this news has been the most famous and it is the most crazy-unbelievable thing in social media. It’s like a thing that we could find in social media almost every time. So then I decided to read more about this issue.

The only thing that I learn about Java after reading this article is that Indonesian people (that most of them lives in Java ) can believe in something without knowing the truth. Before this issue start, Ahok gave a speech to some people in Thousand Island. He says a sentence that is quite sensitive and all of this happens. I think that we could learn something from this issue. That we should believe in something that is trusted, and we know the truth.

I do have a lot of thoughts from this issues. Especially from the article, I have a thought. Why do they change the witness that easily? In the article, it says that from 6 witness, 3 of them can’t came. But then weirdly, there are 2 new witnesses that came. And by that, Ahok’s lawyer postponed the court until January 24th. For me, this crazy-unbelievable news is nonsense. Yes, he does quote a sentence from Al- Qur’an. But what I think is actually it’s a way to lowers his position as a governor in Jakarta. And again, I admit it that what I think is not the same as what the other think. But I guess, we can at least think clearly and make sure some or a news, before we believe in it. So, that is what I think about this issue, once again I admit it that our thoughts are not the same. Every person has their own thoughts, just like me.


There are five difficult words that I find in this article, here it is;


Blasphemy – Pemfitnahan

Alleged – Dugaan

Summoned – Dipanggil

Presiding – Memimpin

Prevailing – Umum


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