A one year nature video

Java. Believe me or not, someone has been traveling Java for one year. One year, 50 places in Java. Mountains, beach, jungles and waterfalls in Java. The director, Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara, he’s the brain of an amazing and unbelievable non-narrative video about the nature in Java. I dont know what he thinks about the purpose of the whole video. But for me, i think that the purpose of the video is about how he want people to see our nature. To see how beautiful our nature looks like. And how he wanted all of us to know that our country can be more bautiful than other country. And by that, we have to love our nature, love it dont harm it.

This video makes me think that Java is more beautiful Than i ever imagined. And it also makes my perception about Java change so much. Like, for example, all of this time i always thinks that Java is a place where there is a lot of trash, full of people that never cares about the nature. But than, all of this time, my thoughts about Java is 100% wrong. I’ve never seen a such beautiful nature like that. Well i even think that the video was made overseas.

Well of course i have to tell you guys my feelling during the video watching. it was fully mixed. I feel proud, amazed, surprised, scared and also peacefull. The thing is what am i scared of? To be honest, i feel scared because the nature can put a revenge on us. Whenever, wherever. I’m scared if i do something horable to the nature and i dont even recognize it.

What about the scenes? All of the scenes was amazing. The way the shoot for the scene, the angle that he takes. It’s amazing. My favorite part of the video is when he shoot the lanters that are flown by the buddist in the Vesak Day. It was beautiful, i can see that the lanters fly through the sky, higher and higher. The moment where he shoot the waves, actually the waves that hit low cliff and the water flows passing the cliff. The sound of the wave. It was amazing. My favorite moment is when Febian shoot the temple at Yogya. I really love the way he takes the angle of his shooting. It’s amazing. And the waterfalls, the sound of the water falling down, the time lapse that he makes (not the waterfall i guess) its really peacefull. Well i was supposed to pick only 3 favorite magnificent scene. But i cant! Thers too much magnificent scene. The last scene that i love is the stars that he time lapse it at Moko Hill.

After watching the video, i actually really want to travel all of the places that he shoot. Especially to the waterfalls and the temple. I really love to enjoy watching, only watching, the nature. Well while i write this paragraph i already imagining myself in front of a water fall and in front of a big and amzing temple. Beside that, i also want to take a few (A few for me is maybe a lot for you guys) photo. I also loved how the temple have the most amazing and the most beautiful architecture.

You can watch the video trailer here!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybwOOSt8Ur0


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