Learn to be a Pro

Learning to be a pro is not easy. We have to improve a few things or even learn new things. For me, being a pro in photography is still a long way. Well maybe, a long long way.My journey on photography is just started last year. But instead of crying because my photos are not good, i tried to search for a few article about ‘How to take amazing photos with phones?’, (I take photos with phone not camera) so that i know the tips and tricks of taking photos.

Last week, (or last month) i find two article that for me, really help me. The first article is about ‘How to take good photos with your phone : 17 tips and tricks you should try!’. The article do tells me 17 tips and tricks. But im just gonna tell you a few that is really helping.

The first trick is that you have to do the rule of third. In photography, there is a rule named the rule of third, it means that you have to use grids before taking photos. The second rule is find interesting perpective, so that your photo is not boring! The last trick is, (if i tell you all of it, this post will be a book i guess.) avoid zooming in, because it will be better if you get closer to the object and crop it later on.

The second article is also talking about tips and tricks. This article is talking about 10 tips and tricks to take better photos with your phone. Well, im going to talk about 3 of the tips or tricks. The first one is to edit not to filter, because with edits, you can control the brightness, sharpness and the other. But with filters, its already in one package, so you wont be able to control it. The second trick is to ditch the flsh on your smartphone because it says that the smartphone flash is not really flash. So the trick to it is to be creative, find another light sources or wait until you got a better lighting. The last one is not to forget the rules on photography, because even your camera is on a phone, doesn’t mean that you can avoid the rules of photography.

Well, thats all of it, i hope that the article can help all of us! Good night!

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