New Project! My progress

As you see, this time i will talk about my new project in my English class. This new project is about inspiring people. One of my inspiring people is Gordon Ramsay. remember, one of a million inspiring people. Maybe you don’t really know him, but you are familiar with his name. Well, he is a chef and you usually find him in a cooking show named Master Chef. I liked that show when I was about 10 or 11, I don’t really remember. He is a good person in the Junior Master Chef, but sometimes he’s a little bit grumpy.

Until now, my project is still at the beginning. I’m actually a little bit confused about this project. Until now, I know who inspired me, who will I’m talking about, and why do I choose him. I also still don’t know what I’m going make for the final presentation. I want to make something different this time. Last semester, I have make a book for my first project. And I also have make a power point for my second project. I don’t want to make the same thing for this project. I also still don’t know what I will named this project. I hope that I can make this project the best project this year.

After this, i will search more about the person who inspire me. And also i will think about my final presentation. What will i make for this project, and other thing.


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