Now in Bandung, there are a lot of developments. But sometimes the development gives bad influence. maybe there is a good impact on development, but I think there is more bad impact than the good one. So what should we do? Here’s what i think we should do.

This picture is about changes or development. In the first picture, we can see that the area is full of trees. but the last picture shows an area with no trees at all. So if you see the picture in order, something changes in every picture.

As you know, a few weeks a go.  My friends and I went to Babakan Ranca village. For me, the situation there is  like the picture on number 5. but there is an area  where the situation is like on number 4. It will be amazing if Bandung could be back like number 4 or 5 again. Well i don’t have to tell you anymore right? Bandung is definitely in number 12.

For me, the ideal situation for people to live in is on number 8. There are trees, modern buildings, transport, and other facilities. But what should we do to make Bandung return to the situation in number 8?

We don’t need to do big things. A small move will also help Bandung to come back to the right situation. We can start from growing trees at the backyard of our own house. Or maybe start saving papers. Remember, small things also make changes. It can be good changes, or bad changes.


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