My trip to Babakan Ranca Village

At 29 March 2016, Anjasmoro class went on a trip. This is not the trip that we usually go. We called it Nyaba Lembur. Nyaba Lembur is the same like Live In. We went to a village, live there for about 3 days. We don’t sleep in a tent, we sleep in other people house. Who’s house? We don’t know, but we have to live with them in their house. We help them doing their job, we play with their children, we eat the same menu like them. For me, this trip was fun. I learn a lot from this trip.


Photo by : Kak Steva

This year, our class went to Babakan Ranca village. Babakan Ranca village is near Cisanti lake. I like the village, when we just got in to the village (Still in the car) all that we see was tea garden. It was huge and green.


Photo by : Kak Steva

There is a lot of chicken, everywhere. At the road, we could see a lot of chicken. Nobody have it, its for everyone. There is a lot of cow too (the baby one was cute, really cute!), and a lot of dogs. They have their own garden (for together, not for one family only). They have a huge garden for planting leek, potatoes, cabbage and others. But the thing that I already missed from this village was the air. The air that I breathe was still cool, there is no pollution. I wish that Bandung air is still like that. Well when it was still 17.00 PM, the temperature was so cold. We have to wear jacket, blankets, long-sleeve clothes and trousers. That’s why we sleep in home, because if we sleep in a tent I will be freezing.

The house that I lived in is Pak Asep and Bu Erni’s house, the house was quite warm. It’s not huge, but it’s not small. I feel comfortable there. The house have a kitchen, 3 bed rooms (two at the first floor and one in the second floor). They put carpets on the floor, because the floor is cold. Real cold. Beside the kitchen, there is a bathroom. The bathroom was clean. They have a living room too, with 3 couch and a table.

People there have some electronic like us now. My family have television and cell phones. Pak Asep and Bu Erni have 3 kids, the first one is a boy. His name is Riko he is 12, still in grade 6 primary school. The second child is a girl, her name is Naviska. Her age now is 7, grade 2 in primary school. And the last one is a girl too, her name is Novisya. She haven’t got in school, because her age is still 2,5.

The people in Babakan Ranca village is nice and friendly. They smiled every time I walk through them. It’s fun to talk with them, and they want to share with us. It could be food, stories, toys and skills. Some of them told me how to plant cabbage.

In a trip like this, we have to know their culture. In Babakan Ranca, we talk Sundanese, smile and say ‘Excuse me’ in Sundanese every time we pass some people. I had a lot of fun there, but it’s just three days, so fast! Before we go home, we hike to Wayang mountain. We don’t makeit to the top of Wayang mountain, but we made it to the top of the tea garden. And after the hike, we went to Cisanti lake. The lake is amazing. I love it.

Well that’s my trip, it was fun and I want to come back there again. Especially to the lake!

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